Marcelo Garcia – Posture vs Spider Guard Lasso, Kick Escape vs Sweep, Stacking Pass vs Open Guard

3 Part Lesson — Marcelo trades a bad situation for a slightly better, more manageable one: If you cannot manipulate your hand around your opponent’s leg to break his or her grip while held in Lasso-Guard, posture up strongly and pull your opponent up off the mat in the same manner as a Dead-Lift. When your opponent releases your sleeves to grab your ankles, kick back and find your stance to begin passing again but now with the free use of your hands.
[01:19] Don’t let your opponent get a hold of your sleeves again after kicking back to catch yourself. Aim your foot up through the armpit and circle it back to avoid letting your opponent catch your leg for a sweep.
[01:56] If you fall backwards, find grips under your opponent’s legs and keep your elbows close. Don’t let your opponent regain base to come up and finish the sweep. Use a free leg to build up your own base and retake the top position. Stay under the opponent’s legs and pass with Double-Unders to avoid the Lasso game.