Marcelo Garcia: North South Choke & Arm Bars

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo maximizes the distance of the moment-arm when applying force: Just as you wouldn’t put a door knob close to the hinges, if you want to mitigate the force generated during your opponent’s escape, you should place your weight on their forearms (after pushing them south) rather than above the elbow where you can be framed effectively. Use a Double-Over Control from North/South to ambush your opponent’s neck with the N/S-Choke. Splay out low, clasp your hands together with a Gable-Grip, and drop your shoulder onto their throat for the finish. [06:22] If your opponent starts turning onto their side to escape, seize their top-side elbow and pull it away from their ribs as you place it in the crook of your lap while stepping over into a Reverse Technical-Mount. Clear your other leg over their shoulder and sit down almost in parallel and lean into their extended arm as you adduct your knee inwards against the joint. If your opponent doesn’t allow for you to pull up on their elbow enough for you to step over for Mount, pummel an Under-Hook and execute the Far-Side Arm-Bar. Marcelo’s signature variation of this technique requires that you whip your foot across the body and falling without posting your hands on the mat. Classically, the Far-Side Arm-Bar (or Spinning Arm-Lock, et al.) is done by placing the ball of your foot behind your opponent’s back and erecting a wall with your shin against their armpit when falling back in extension.