Marcelo Garcia – Breaking the Closed Guard, Leg Pull Escape, Stacking Pass vs Inverted Guard, Taking the Back

2 Part Lesson — Marcelo deals with an Inverted Guard: If your opponent falls out of your Standing Closed Guard Break to attack your legs, be ready to lift your knees out of danger; if they K-Guard your lead leg, take a second high-step out with your opposite foot to return back to your preferred stance, if they attack your other leg, you only need to high-step out once before initiating an attack against the Inverted Guard. You don’t have to always pass your opponent’s Inverted Guard head-on; you can run around behind and return to the normal front for a Stacking Pass. Use your shoulder to drive your opponent into a Backwards Roll so you can take the back from the Turtle Position. Have your partner shift their head to one side so that they do not roll directly over their neck when hitting the transition.